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The first day

After breakfast we will go to the Kolkheti forest park.

The Kolkheti National Park is located in western Georgia and includes Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti and Guria regions. In the park special attention is paid to the Paliastomi lake, the Black Sea water area, unique wetlands and the Kolkhian forest

  1. The route starts from the entrance of the Paliastomi lake. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the Paliastomi lake, the impossable leafs, the secondary damp meadows, the frequent cover of the royal ferns. From the surveillance tower you will be able to observe migratory birds, some of which are rare in the Red Book.
  2. The river From the resting place on the shore of Pichori, it is easy to see the wettest Kolkhuri relic forest, water and swamp birds on the banks. An impossable lake forest array creates a miniature jungle association with a wardrobe. The park administration allows sports fishing.
  3. Tourist route “River Whouria” starts from the visitor’s center of the Whuria district of Kolkheti National Park.

During the tour visitors have the opportunity to visit the picturesque landscapes, lily-lakshani and lush ecosystems and fragments of the relict of Colchian forests of the Whuria valley – Hartvisi oak, Lapani, Ipani, and Colchian lions.

Tours on the river are carried out by roadside, motorboats and caique.

(The cost of entry to the Kolkheti National Forest Park is not included in the price of the tour)

After the tour we will have a picnic

In Martvili we will spend a hotel resort Martvili restaurant, rest and prepare for the next day.

The second day

After breakfast we will leave at 10:00 o’clock towards the monastery of the Martvili church, where we can see the beautiful views of the cathedral.

Then we will go to Martvili’s canyon and those who are interested in diving will be able to ride the Martian sea canyon underwater.

After lunch box we will go to Dadiani palace in Salkhino, if you wish you can taste wine tasting.


The third day



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